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Scenario: The New Madrid earthquake fault in Missouri makes another big move again after the series of quakes just over 200 year ago (1811-1812). Or a repeat of the Charleston, MO, earthquake in 1895. From the New Madrid quakes, mild damage occurred as far away as Charleston, South Carolina, way over on the coast. It was felt in New England. And the 1895 Charleston, Missouri, quake had a massively greater damage area than the similar sized California earthquake of 1994, just over 20 years ago (see map in link below).


Not to bring up Charleston again, but Charleston, SC, had its own major earthquake in 1886, just 130 years ago. From that east coast quake with a magnitude estimated at 7.0, damage occurred as far away as central Alabama, more than two states away, and central Ohio, more than three states away. Look again at the difference between the 1994 California quake damage area, and the 1895 Missouri quake (6.7 and 6.8 respectively).

The point? If New Madrid breaks loose again any time soon, with an 8.0, a massive amount of damage will occur. The economy will tank, due to the incredible widespread nature of the damage done. It all has to do with soils and geology of the eastern half of the U.S. vs. California.

We can’t just plan on the basis of ever-increasing tensions between groups because of horrible government policies (or lack thereof). The “job” may be done for us by Ma Nature. Yes, it would break down into a lot of lawless behavior – Equador had looting breaking out within a few short hours of their devastating earthquake the other day. But between cleanup, search and rescue, and law enforcement, guess which one drew the short end of the lolliepop stick? Let another Camille or Katrina come roaring right up the Florida coast (either one), then start picking off cities in Georgia or Alabama, stall over Tennessee and dump feet of water over the entire southeast, and see what happens (look what happened just in Columbia, SC, last year with their relatively localized flooding).

There are many other things that can easily beat the government to home plate in scoring the winning run over the U.S., and even if one region isn’t directly physically affected, services could end up so deteriorated even in those “untouched” areas to such an extent that SHTF could quickly extend coast-to-coast. A major earthquake in the absolute center of the nation could wipe out so much that services would be overwhelmed, and chaos would occur on a domino basis around the rest of the country. The “freebees” would stop for everybody. And it would be obvious that the government was never meant to take care of everybody – “we” just didn’t want to consider that possibility. But the government would not be the primary target when the precipitating event was not government-caused, and they clearly were not in a position to do much about it anyway.

So it’s back to preparation, preparation, and more preparation, with consideration for EVERY kind of scenario, each of which would bring a different “flavor” to the S-portion of what HTF. The coronation of Earthquake Hillary is simply one precipitating possibility, with its own special “flavor.” (Not that that factor changes my initial response to this whole thread. ;-) )