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I agree. The original article is very pertinent. When I am going somewhere further than local I try to make sure I have some basics with me in addition to the full backpacks that are always there. For example I had to go down to Massachusetts this afternoon for a meeting….a coat and tie type meeting, so in addition to the usual stuff I threw in a pair of sneakers to change into and a regular jacket. That would come in handy for something as simple as a flat tire let alone a true SHTF event. I’m not going to get very far wearing dress shoes. It s very long distance trips such as when I go to North Carolina that are tougher to plan for because being 850 miles from home would make for a truly epic journey in good times.

A very simple thing that many forget is just to keep the gas tank full. My truck has a 36 gallon tank and thus has a pretty good range but many times I’ll fill it up even if it is still 3/4’s full just because at that moment in time I can.