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74 is right on target:

However anyone can post a thread on a topic of their own choosing with no limitations. Oddly topics Selco posted received little attention.

Is that BECAUSE of the overload of U.S. political discussion, or is there just not enough world-wide participation? I note that when our members from non-U.S. countries post, there are always responses, but those threads don’t seem to last long. And the same is true of Selco’s and Toby’s posts in the Blog or over on Facebook (which I don’t generally follow, not having a Facebook account).

If people don’t want to read or participate in the non-U.S. political threads, no one’s objecting. I see 14 available forums listed. Discussions in one or two forums have little or nothing, in most cases, to do with the others, except perhaps very peripherally. So is the problem that some don’t LIKE the direction in the U.S.-focused threads, or merely blaming that as an excuse to be disgruntled with the far lower number of posts in other threads? Who’s inhibiting the posting of material on any of the following?

Personal Survival Experience & Lessons Learned
Hands On Projects
Gear Talk
Urban Survival
Wilderness Survival

If somebody’s answer is, “Well, I’m just tired of coming here and seeing all these U.S. political discussions and viewpoints I’m not interested in reading,” the answer is, “Just ignore them” and read the others. If no one posts there, then is the problem that there aren’t enough people willing to share their ideas in those threads as well, or are there no more good ideas? (The latter makes about as much sense as the head of the Patent office back around the turn of the 19th to 20th century stating that almost all of the new ideas had already been thought of.) In either case, then this Forum will ultimately die either because there’s no new information on the above list of topics, or else there’s not enough motivation for sharing of good information.

Perhaps just a “thanks for the great info” post would be helpful for those that do post articles in the above-listed topics. Just as one example, 74’s “Handgun Ammunition Stopping Power Update” thread a few months back, had some really solid information in it. Yet there were only six total posts in the thread before it died, and those six posts were from three people (including the originator – 74). It can be a bit demotivating, particularly over time, when someone takes the time to post something potentially useful to others, but then gets zero feedback from all but two of our members. That thread was not unique. And I doubt that U.S. politics had anything to do with it – if that’s the excuse, it’s just that – an excuse.

One thing this thread did do for me was cause me to re-evaluate how much I might have been injecting U.S. issues into other threads in my responses. And to the extent that’s the case, my sincere apology. Hijacking a thread is never appropriate, and I’ll be more aware of it going forward. Beyond that however, those above six threads can be added to at any time, or comments about one of Toby’s or Selco’s Blog posts can be added at any time as well. Nobody’s preventing those, to my knowledge. As someone once said, if we ain’t part of the solution, perhaps we’re part of the problem.