I know that i for one don’t come here for political bs.

I can get that on CNN or Fox news 24/7.

Why discuss and argue something endlessly when nothing is going to come of it? Education and information is one thing, endless bickering is for congress.

Between the infighting that invariably occurs, and the taking of sides, it can quickly kill an excellent forum.
Been there, watched it happen more than once.

One of the things that brought me here was the foreign viewpoint, that of Selco and the other members, outside the US. Looking for new and different information, new tricks that may assist me and mine through hard times. In some respects, the original “members only” forum was an asset, being a paid ‘service’, one just didn’t jump in and many of the discussions were more purist. But the lack of the varied opinions and experiences was something of a detriment also.

Personally, I enjoy and dive into information posted by our African friends, it’s timely and poignant.
Same for our Greek correspondent. But when the discussions delve into the depths of economic-socio-politics, and the darker recesses of mens control fantasies, I tend to just hit “Mark all read” and move to the next subject.

Endless discusions about Trump v. Cruz v. Billary v Sanders only drives people away who aren’t looking for political claptrap. Sure it’s great to understand how Zero is like Lincoln, but that doesn’t help the single mother in Schenectady to keep food on the table in an emergency.

There are a number of comments on Selco’s blog entries from people that never register and post here, any wonder why? There are 37 comments on the Post disaster violence blog entry, yet only 4 responses to Toby’s posting the the Blog entry.

How about we simply ask Selco and Jay for a subforum for the US BS so we can urinate in the wind all we can and not disturb the rest of the forum with the rantings of a handful. Leaving the rest of the forum for things like ‘finding water in a destroyed town’, ‘roadkill etouffee’ and ‘building an off-grid hidey-hole’.

Personally I think it’s time to go back to a more purist forum, more survival, less garbage.
But that’s just me.

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