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The elite have a problem on the hands.

Freedom, I wish I could agree with you. But unfortunately, I do not and cannot. I don’t believe the elite have a problem, other than a minor one that they will “manage” just fine. The apathy level in this country is staggering – or would be if anybody cared. There is neither the knowledge of history and political theory, nor the willingness to become activist by the vast majority of people. How many people out of well over 300 million, have EVER so much as written a letter to their elected officials, let along stood or marched with a protest sign? Look at vehicles as you drive around – how what percentage have ANY indication of the driver’s political viewpoints? How many people don’t even bother to vote? And even if we have a much larger than average turnout this year, how many of them will be in any way truly informed about the issues and positions of each candidate?

Civil war? Between which two (or more) groups? I can actually envision a race war before I can see an actual civil war, where political “sides” are drawn up. How many people are actually going to join up and actually fight that civil war – and with what? If the average cop can’t consistently hit a target with at least minimal required range time, how many gun owners can do so – and with what? A bunch of .38 specials? There may be at least one firearm for each man, woman, and child in the U.S., but they’re not evenly distributed among anywhere near all the households – and training is abysmal for far too many of those owners. How are battles organized and carried out? What are the communication methods? How would command and control be organized? How would anyone really know who they could trust on either “side?”

I just don’t see civil war happening. General chaos and the worst kind of anarchy? Certainly – but a well organized, goal-directed civil war capable of “retaking” the constitutional republic that once was? I just don’t see it within the realm of reasonable possibility.

Am I pessimistic? About the short-term nature of the United States, absolutely. But the longer term view of things? No. It’s all written about in a book I happen to believe, and I’ve read the final chapter – it’s all good. Getting there will be the difficult part. But mankind has resoundingly unleashed the FUBAR strategy, and it has progressed far enough that I don’t see it being recalled until “ultimate authority” crushes it. But that’s outside the scope of this thread in the SHTF Forum, and I respect that. So consider this last paragraph, particularly, just my 2¢ – your mileage may vary.