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The parties make the rules, the parties made it nearly impossible for a 3rd party to even get on the ballot in all 50 states, and the parties have nothing to do with the Constitution – because the Constitution says NOTHING about how November candidates are selected. It’s all money and power.

While I did cheer on Ron Paul as his people skillfully used the delegate selection process in 2012, I also knew it was wrong, morally. But with the deck purposefully stacked so badly against him, he had to use the existing system in any way he legally could. However, it’s not consistent to cheer on Ron Paul as he used the established Party rules in 2012, and then turn around and scream about Ted Cruz doing the same thing in 2016. There was no big stink raised when Ron Paul gained a lot of delegates in 2012 through that process, due to superior organizing and exceptionally poor understanding of the selection process by most people. But when it came time for the Convention, Reince Priebus, Mitt Romney, and company, simply changed the rules on day-1 of the Convention and cut Paul out of a significant role at the Convention by removing many of the delegates he received essentially through the same process Cruz is using now. The Party screamed then, but this time it’s (some of) the “news” media and Trump doing the screaming. Guess what – like 2012, the Party wins, not the popularly elected candidates.

The rage needs to be directed toward the 2-party dictatorship, not the candidates that are “simply” taking advantage of the existing rules set up BY that 2-party dictatorship. It’s a system that has nothing to do with the Constitution. And frankly, I would not be surprised if the two parties conspire further to USE this crisis (“never let a serious crisis go to waste,” said The Rahm) to frame the Electoral College as “just” being part of that same kind of corrupt system of delegates, in a bid to do away with the Electoral College. The Electoral College, like the Constitution which set it up, is not a perfect solution; but like the Constitution, it is far better than any alternative ever put into practice in the history of “modern” governments. (There are some Native American models that were superior, but they also required a far different set of values than exist in society today – assuming we even have any left besides money and power.)

The U.S. Constitution, up through the first 10 amendments and a handful of additional amendments, was the most brilliant political document ever implemented in the history of the world. It is now dead. Ironically, Lenin’s body was not allowed to be buried because, according to Putin, that would dishonor generations of Russians that lived under and supported the country’s roots, to which he thinks they ought to return. So ironically, the Constitution will likely go the way of the Stars and Bars sooner than Lenin’s body, because it embodies a philosophy considered extremely dangerous to society and the world.