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Thanks for starting the new thread. So far I’m feeling pretty good about my garden. Three weeks ago I cultivated and made furrows for seeds. I put in about 25′ of potatoes, leaf lettuce, head lettuce, suger snap peas, carrots spinach and I risked 2 tomato plants. Of course it got cold and snowed April 7th killing the tomatoes. It looks like everything sprouted (with the exception of the potatoes), I’m confident they will show soon, it takes awhile to grow through 4-5″ of soil.

Yesterday I cultivated again in an attempt to keep the weeds out. I put in sweet corn mixed with butternut squash, green beans, peas, red bell peppers, tomatoes and beets. Tomorrow I have to water the plants that have sprouted or I think I lose them all. Looks like no rain for another 5 days.