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Good idea 74 about insulating the cement. I’ve got some styrofoam sheets in the room up above the garage that I saved from something or other. I’ll have to check how much there is. I’m also thinking I’d pack the space around the jugs in the boxes so as to reduce air infiltration. Not sure what to pack it with. One downside I didn’t mention is that saving hundreds of empty water jugs takes up a lot of space.

My well is dug into limestone. On this side of VT it is generally either limestone or marble down below. namelus, it will be interesting to hear how your project goes.

Years ago one of my brothers lived in Ohio in a Civil War era farmhouse. Down in a glen there was a spring house that kept things cold way back when. As best I know he didn’t run any experiments testing it out.

Up until I was 8 we lived with my grandmother who had a icebox rather than a refrigerator. The ice blocks seemed to last quite a while. A guy used to deliver them to the house. The milkman back then didn’t have a refrigerated truck but rather had the milk packed in ice. He’d let us grab a piece in the summer when he came by.

I have a pond in the backyard but I’m thinking a solution that doesn’t include cutting ice blocks and hauling them seems preferable.