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74, good suggestion!

My Dad told me of the ice house they had on the farm on which he grew up (western Pennsylvania coal country, early 20th century.) It was dug into the side of a hill, roofed, covered with a couple of feet of soil, and insulated with hay bales. In the winter, after a hard freeze, his father, brothers, and he would take the wagon to a nearby pond (lake?), cut blocks of ice, an haul them back to the ice house. The internal temp would keep various produce through until late spring. He said one cold year, there was enough ice left to make ice cream on Independence Day (July 4, for readers abroad.)

Milk was used/consumed daily, and was kept cold enough to prevent souring by storing it in the cistern of the spring house, ditto, eggs. At some point in his childhood, ice delivery began, so they used an icebox in the kitchen for milk, eggs, butter, and fresh meat, but boxes and baskets of produce were kept in the ice house. Ham and bacon were smoked, of course, and the hams, at least, were wrapped and hung dry.

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