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If a waterway is navigable via watercraft, it is supposed to be able to be used/hunted/etc as long as the person on the waterway doesn’t set foot on the land if it is private. There are some legal battles starting out here in WA about that very thing. Some people have traveled up small waterways via kayak or canoe to fish on small ponds in the middle of people’s property. If it was fenced, they have called DFW to come out and make the owner take the fence down.

Mind bending! That fits into the category only somewhat satirically portrayed in that “Modern Educayshun” video posted elsewhere [ http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/topic/makes-you-think-where-did-we-go-wrong/#post-48212 ]. It’s beyond comprehension while at the same time becoming more and more real.

Talk about creating cognitive dissonance! “This thing right here in front of me that I reached out and touched can’t possibly exist.”