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Cruz takes Colorado in a voter less (like 0) victory. The delegates go to him because…. Duh.

Ron Paul at least partially figured out how to work the system with delegates particularly in 2012, Party bosses got scared, rigged local delegate selection to the extent they could (“excellent” but not at all unique example was Athens, Clarke County, GA), and then threw out other delegates at the beginning of the Convention, and changed the rules on day-1 to keep Paul from having any influence at all at the Convention. Hence the “Rule 40″ we’re now hearing about in the “news” media that will have to be changed after only 4 years, in order to allow the Party bosses to rig this one as well. Except Cruz apparently learned from Paul, and is going after it with a lot more money and a lot more expertise. Just what the Party bosses want: let Cruz dethrone Trump, and then the Party bosses will select their own candidate despite Cruz’s almost-victory. At least that’s what they hope for.

And everybody thought the Democrats were the masters of manipulation and disenfranchisement of “the People” with all their super-delegates! The Republicans merely invented a more complicated way of manipulating the system and thumbing their noses at the voters – and it wasn’t noticed before now because it had never been needed as the ultimate control weapon. And here the masses thought it was a one man-one vote process. ROFL! Silly voters…. If anything good is to come out of this election (and it’s doubtful), perhaps the masses will finally wake up and realize they don’t count, won’t count, and haven’t counted for over a century (particularly since 1913).

Then there’s this little gem from the Jeb files. Though from the article below it looks like it pertains to W’s 2004 election and the Ohio vote, watch the video testimony after the article and follow the association with Jeb’s good buddy in all this:


The video is of Mr. Curtis’ testimony to the Ohio legislature after vote rigging in the 2004 Ohio vote totals. He’s mentioned at the very end of the above article. He mentions former Republican U.S. Congressman and former Speaker of the Florida House,Tom Feeney in the video. Feeney was also Jeb’s running mate in his failed bid for Florida Governor. This video should have been burned into the memories of every single American. But it couldn’t be, simply because it “couldn’t” be shown on by the “news” media.

America: we loved her while we had her, but we never really knew her. And then she left, and we had no idea why.