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Thanks for the info. Gotta find some.

Personally, I have never found anything better than Amsoil’s “MP” (Metal Protector) instead of WD-40. It protects metal better than almost anything I’ve found, after it dries, and has allowed me to break loose rusted nuts and bolts over the years far better than WD-40 (which leaves residue). My father-in-law, who was extremely protective of his guns, had his own favorite brands of lubes, etc., that he’d used “forever,” and would not consider changing them. He did take a can of MP from me for some other “safer” application (as he saw it), was amazed, and eventually tried it on a gun he had taken in trade that wasn’t worth all that much, and not of any sentimental value to him. Over the next several years before he passed away, MP became the only product he’d use on his guns for lube and protection, and was frequently the only cleaner he’d use as well. Of course he used it on all his tools for rust protection, lube, etc. It’s sold in spray cans about the size of WD-40, and an increasing number of retail outlets now carry it, in addition to independent dealers.