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Thanks much for the update Whirlibird. That’s a case I’ve been very interested in, and made many other people aware of over the past years or two. I’m glad (and relieved) to know it’s almost over. 120° water is far less uncomfortable than the 211° water they were previously in.

The outcome still means that he’s been going through all this for four years now, with serious stress over what could happen to him, his family, their finances, almost their very existence – and he still has no recourse against the behemoth. Now, finally, the Feds get to still harass him for another year with requirements, and he’s not allowed to sue them for anything – they walk away completely free while he and his family had to go through near-hell, and they have zero recourse, simply because they let him off so lightly, and the possible alternative would be much worse then accepting this settlement. What a load of absolute BravoSierra.

Yes, I’m seriously happy that the Johnsons are far more off the hook than it appeared they might have been, but angry that they had four years of their lives largely hijacked in the process. Beyond that, my comments are not fit to print (or utter in polite company – so I’ll stay polite).