Saved off in my files of “Stuff to try”. Good find. Thanks.

By the way, Oil of Wintergreen is an old-school rustbreaker and loosener… at 100% concentrate, it will kill you dead if you drink it. At 1 part per million, it flavors gum.

The synthetic version – Methyl Salicylate – is used as a topical to relieve muscle aches. Mixed with 10% rubbing alcohol, it will soften rubber products.

Screw or bolt rusted beyond all hope?

Take a bottle of Oil of Wintergreen and put one drop on the head of the screw. Over a period of time – maybe 18 to 24 hours – it will work down into the threads. Take your screwdriver and put it in the screw, but don’t turn it. Take a mallet or plastic hammer and give the screwdriver end a good thump. That should do it. Very slowly, apply pressure and see if the screw will turn… reapply and repeat as necessary…

Can be found from Amazon to Walgreens… I’d give the synthetic version a whirl for breaking loose rusty stuff. It’s cheaper than the organic stuff.

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