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Thanks for an excellent summary/analysis of the story. I was mentally constructing something similar, and you saved me the trouble. And I concur absolutely with your bottom line as well. I will never set foot (or tires) in Maryland. They don’t need no steenkin’ excuse!

The only thing you might have missed that I thought about was, “I JUST HAPPENED to see his carry permit while he was trying to find his license.” What a crock! Who doesn’t have his/her drivers license in THE most accessible place in their wallet, given the number of times it is asked for as ID in various locations/situations? But who has his or her permit stashed in an even MORE prominent place in their wallet? And how did that MDTA thug just happen to notice it so easily, when there are 49 other states with various configurations of permits, each with a different appearance? I suspect he DID already know the guy had a permit. Thanks, Florida, for making that information available (apparently).

That brings up another question. I wonder exactly what information is embedded in our National ID cards (AKA “drivers licenses”), and how many states make that information available to “brother” LE agencies on basic background checks. I wish I knew someone in current LE that I also fully trust, and could ask…. (One thing I do appreciate about my state is that the database of permit holders is NOT subject to FOIA requests, by law. But I still don’t know if that also extends to other LE agencies for routine checks.)