Plenty of things to get worked up over in that article..

MDTA denies it targets out-of-state gun owners and noted the review of Mr. Fillipides earlier traffic stop concluded the officers did nothing wrong.

“The MDTA Police conducted a review of the traffic stop and have concluded that the stop and subsequent search of the vehicle were justified,” spokesman Jonathan Green wrote in an emailed statement. “The investigation did not reveal any violations of law or agency policy.”


Shocker. I guess shiny badges DO grant “extra rights”… for now.

Then we come across this gem:

As (Maryland) governor, Mr. Hogan will “uphold both the U.S. Constitution and the laws of Maryland; he will not overturn existing Maryland law and will work across party lines to reduce gun violence,” Hogan spokeswoman Erin Montgomery told The Times.

Academics say Mr. Hogan is likely to stay far away from gun control issues as he begins his tenure as a rare Republican elected official in a mostly blue state.

Translation: another cuck ducking the issue instead of acting like he owns a pair and doing the right thing. See, when you hear the Left talk about “compromise”, they don’t really mean that – what they are talking about is “concession”. We’ve ceded ground to them since I’ve been alive and I’ve yet to see any “conservative” stand their ground once. They backpedal and bow and scrape and cede yet more territory and rights and they call it “working across party lines”…

There IS no “working across party lines” on this one. And there never will be. “Leaving it up to the courts” is also a non-starter since GUESS WHO appointed the judges who will be deciding the issue?

Coward sum-b*tches… and they wonder why we’re so p*ssed off and rallying behind Trump….

Then this:

As for the MDTA, officials maintain only people who are committing traffic violations are pulled over, not those who have out-of-state concealed carry licenses.

“It is important to note that no gun-permitting information is programmed into any License Plate Reader units accessible to MDTA Police,” Mr. Green said.

Sorry Mr. Green. I do not believe you. I think you are lying through your teeth – I only lack the proof needed to make you eat those words.

Then this:

“The officer who stopped Mr. Filippidis smelled the odor of marijuana in the vehicle on his initial approach of the vehicle,” Mr. Green said. “Based on the conflicting stories regarding the location of the gun, the observations made while the vehicle was being stopped and the suspected odor of marijuana, the officer had probable cause to search the vehicle for possible controlled dangerous substances (CDS) and the weapon.”

But Mr. Filippidis wasn’t arrested for pot, was he Officer Safety?

In fact, the made up bullsh*t “I smelled pot” hoary old saw is just another way the Enforcer Goon Class skirts Constitutionally-guaranteed rights, innit?

“Why did you search the car without cause?”
“I smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the car when I approached it.”
“Was there any pot in the car?”
“Was there any pot in Mr. Filippidis’s system?”
“Did anyone else in the car have pot?”
“Was there any drug paraphernalia in the car?”
“Was Mr. Filippidis arrested on drug charges?”
“Were drug charges filed against him later?”
“Was a field sobriety test conducted on Mr. Filippidis?”
“If you smelled pot, then why didn’t you conduct a field sobriety test?”
“I don’t know.”

Pfft… ‘smelled marijuana’… yeah right.

He’s either LYING or he’s INCOMPETENT. If he’s lying, then he’s a corrupt scumbag Enforcer Goon wearing a badge and should be fired, then prosecuted, then imprisoned and forced to sell his house to pay restitution to Mr. Filippidis. If he’s incompetent, then he should be fired as a Bumbling Incompetent and the MDTA held liable for employing an incompetent individual in a LEO role, then force them to pay restitution to Mr. Filippidis..

They know they’re scumbag Enforcer Goons and Thugs using an illegal database to target gun owners. We know it, too. But everyone pretends differently… Their Governor is a rank coward who is content to go-along-to-get-along because he wants to keep his cushy job…

I will never set foot in Maryland. Ever. It’s inhabited by Thugs, Goons and Cowards… why would I want to go there?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1