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“Total Dictatorship of the World” Yes, of course! Reminds me of a shtick I saw on TV, back in the ’50s when I still watched it. “The Honeymooners” was a regular part of the Jackie Gleason Show, a comedy skit based in the continuing battle of the sexes (back when we still had sexes.)

Ralph Kramden (Gleason) was mouthing off to his wife, Alice (Audrey Meadows) about how he was the boss of the household. “I’m the boss, got it? I’m the boss, and you’re nothing! Understand? I’m the boss — got that? — and you’re nothing! Got it? After a few more belligerent assertions, Alice interrupts with, “You’re the boss?”

“That’s right!” :
“And I’m nothing?”
That’s right, that’s right!
“You’re the boss and I’m nothing.”
“You got it!”

“Big deal — You’re the boss over nothing!” (Classic — wish I could find that on video.)

But all Ralph had was a big, loud mouth, and a wife smarter than he. The World Order has nukes, designer diseases, infinite $$, and hordes of sheeple.

Cry, "Treason!"