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I think both parties need to go away at this point

I doubt that one in 100, or even one in 1000, have ever even thought about what’s in the Constitution – and what isn’t – about how presidents are elected. Even political “reporters” clearly don’t understand the convention processes, how delegate selection works, or what obligations those delegates have – if any, or for how long. However, I actually did hear one the other day explain how the rules changes that will “need” to be made to keep Trump out, are necessitated because of the rules changes that were put in place in 2012 in order to keep Ron Paul from having any influence at the Convention. I was flabbergasted to hear that even mentioned on “national” TV! And the vast majority of Americans would have had zero clue what he was even talking about, let alone having had their curiosity stimulated to bother finding out.

Almost no one anymore even considers the fact that the Constitution is totally silent on the issue of parties, primaries, conventions, delegates, etc. Americans have no idea that almost the entire process, is a convoluted plot, concocted by the power brokers in the two dominant parties to secure and increase their own power. And almost no one anymore has any idea that senators were not always elected by the general public in elections. Also, extremely few remember the days when general election ballots would have a long list of presidential candidates, many of whom weren’t even known to most of the voters. It wasn’t always just two, maybe three, parties, and 3rd (or 4th) parties weren’t always seen as whacko parties.

I don’t know how it could be accomplished to get rid of the two parties, because of the money, the power, and the continuation of the same power-hungry power brokers that would still exist even if somehow the parties were miraculously dissolved. Sadly, we went to the edge of the cliff, lifted one foot and suspended it over the edge, thought that was “cool,” wondered what would happen, then stepped forward with the other foot to have a better look at what was below the edge of the cliff. Most are still just enjoying the view as the various strata zoom past them on the way down. There’s still no concept that we’re approaching terminal velocity without even a reserve chute, nor contemplation of the effect of the merge that is fast approaching between us and the solid canyon bottom below. I wonder if that ultimate end will be in my lifetime, my kids’, or my grandkids’. All I know for sure is that we ignored the warning signs, we didn’t bother studying physics (including gravity), and we don’t know how to levitate.