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“I don’t know what you tell to young people,” admits Ellis, who teaches many of them at Mount Holyoke. “You can tell them the republic is not going to go out of existence, I am pretty sure of that. The good thing about history is we’ve seen worse and survived it. But what things will look like after this mess” of a campaign? “I have no idea.”

When I heard Thomas Sowell specifically state that the United States would not survive as a constitutional republic if Obama got his 2nd term, I pondered that shocking statement, and decided Sowell is far too intelligent and experienced to make such a statement, with no qualifications on his answer, without knowing what he’s talking about. I believe he was right, and I believe we’ve arrived there. If we haven’t, the election of either of the Democrats will ensure he was right within the first months of office. And the election of anyone on the Republican side except Trump will ensure the same, just at a slightly slower pace. The U.S. will only survive on paper, in name only. I don’t believe we’re ever likely to get back to the constitutional republic those foul-mouthed modern day politicians of two centuries ago so brilliantly crafted. (I “loved” how the author characterized modern-day America as smart enough to have kept such whackos as Barry Goldwater out of the White House. As Goldwater told a reporter about Johnson’s bombing of Hanoi, “In his heart, he knew I was right.” Great piece of typical media propaganda, that article.)

I don’t like the tone of the campaigns, and absolutely don’t trust the one remaining exception to the ugliness (the Trojan Horse – Kasich) – but in Trump’s case, I see him as the only possible (as in “maybe”) way to save the constitutional republic. And if the Democrats get control of either chamber in Congress, forget that, too. It’ll just be veto after veto after veto, and gridlock. Wash, rinse, repeat. Then Trump will be voted out in 2020, and we can all then officially bend over and kiss our butts goodbye – if the Islamofacists don’t get us first.

Me? Worried? Actually, not all that much. I just see it realistically for what it is, apply the Serenity Prayer to it, and try my best to keep the “Wisdom” clause of the Serenity Prayer uppermost in my mind. And then I turn to the things over which I have control, and smile.

Oh – the article again. I loved how the writer emphasized the low-life aspect of the founding fathers, and, in keeping with the decades-long trend in education, failed to emphasize the brilliance of what they created in spite of their gutter politics at times. We’ve now squandered away what they gave us(as Jefferson already was seeing as early as 1820). Thus, Franklin was more prophetic in his qualifier, “if you can keep it,” than perhaps he realized. Or, perhaps he chose to participate in the grand experiment anyway, so he could sleep at night, knowing he’d helped do what was right regardless of the consequences. And the beat goes on…..