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I couldn’t figure out whether to laugh or run away. I actually found that to be a rather spooky video. The laughter was of the nervous variety, recognizing something that’s all too familiar but still isn’t right. Thinking about the incidents on multiple university campuses in the past week or so, especially Emory University in Atlanta, the video actually is very close to reality – and that’s just beyond weird! So somebody chalks “Trump 2016″ a few places on a university campus – and now one of the people involved is being told she has to step down from her elected student government position? Worse yet, the university is now offering FREE COUNSELING for the students traumatized by “Trump 2016″ in washable chalk on a few sidewalks and buildings. And multi-generation Latino students who are citizens (and whose parents are citizens) feel “unsafe” on campus, so the verbal attacks on the “perpetrators” is ramping up to a level not unlike what’s in this video? Unreal! Frankly, if that video had been posted even just 10 years ago, it would have been seen as a stupid waste of time. Today? It’s extremely close to reality – and that’s mind blowing.