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Thank you Toby. I’ve still got more to do in the illumination department, but thanks to the article by Toby we re-thought our needs (which really hadn’t had enough thinking in the first place, at least as far as lighting was concerned), and just received two Nitecore MH20s yesterday. Well worth the money. The intent at this point is that each emergency kit “living” in our vehicles has a light in it. Like everything else, it’s “insurance.” We pay for what we hope we don’t ever have to collect on, knowing that if we ever have the big accident, we’d be very happy to have the insurance. We’ve got enough other light sources around the house, so we didn’t feel a need to have something like the Nitecore inside with us – we can always go out and get one (or both) from the vehicle(s) if needed. And the battery life just sitting in the vehicle allows us to kind of forget about them, knowing we’d still have light quite some time from now if needed, without worrying about the batteries. I loved the USB charge feature, in addition to the great selection of brightness settings, plus the strobe/SOS feature. The weak flashing blue light in the on/off button for easy location in the dark is also a great feature.