I want him to win , just to see him toss a grenade into the works .


I don’t particularly like Trump and I don’t think he will make a particularly good President.

But the cucks have left us little recourse other than revenge. And I’m totally cool with revenge. They’ve had it coming for decades and I’m way, way past caring if it leaves the GOP in disarray… or even better – fractures it into several bits…

Hey Tolik? You see the Panama Papers? They released a bunch of intel trying to make Putin look bad – guilt by association…

Putin responded the next day by declassifying thousands of old KGB papers… betcha there’s some very interesting names in those papers… names of Western politicians, bankers, important muckity-mucks… heh, heh, heh…

Putin is playing GO or 3-dimensional chess while everyone else is playing checkers… dude was a KGB Colonel – you’re not gonna beat him. Well, not often anyways… I bet he’s been waiting for years for a chance just like this…

I’m not a Putin fanboi – but credit where it is due. He acts in Russia’s best interest and tells the rest of the world to sod off. Fully willing and capable of cashing the checks written with his mouth. Unlike certain other so-called “leaders”… I might not like him either, but there is grudging respect there.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1