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nlouise – I would think you would be fine up at that elevation even if ‘the big one’ would happen. Older brother is in Los Gatos – told me last week there was a series of 4. whatever quakes around Eureka. Have family that farms in Imperial Valley, some in Huntington Beach so I pay attention when I hear mentions of quake activity out your way.

We had a 4.6 one south of here a few years ago. Felt all the way up in Washington DC. First time I ever witnessed such a thing. Was sitting on the ground, pulling weeds when the pots on the deck started chattering, and could feel the ground under me moving/trembling. It took me by such surprise – took me a while to figure out what was happening! Not normal for around here, but not unheard of either. Got up but a bit odd to try and walk. Water in pool was sloshing back and forth dumping out water everywhere. Very disconcerting to say the least.

Do you have to secure/fasten stuff on walls down normally? Or, is this unusual for you up in desert? Hope it calms down for you. Be safe!