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Living in Ny I’ve tried to research a number of weapons the Iroquois carried. Across the frontier into the Ohio valley I can say the most common weapon is probably the tomahawk. In that regard with a weapon of such magnitude I think some Indians didn’t carry knives at all. Except for small skinning knives and flint. However I have seen pictures of Iroquois carrying neck knives and flintlocks. They usually ran or jogged for long distances on woods trails they knew very well. Traditionally they might have carried a bow & arrows with a war club. But as the frontier war expanded and guns became available they didn’t hesitate to adopt the better weapon. Longer knives seem to have become more common over time. To some extent indians may have been influenced by the Long Knives as they call white men of Virginia who carried swords. There’s a range of dress for war among eastern Indians that is pretty fantastic. I would say nothing was uniform. Paint on the faces, colorful clothes ripped off the bodies of their enemies. Scalps and ears. There were knives of all sizes traded for furs. Iroquois didn’t just kill their enemies, they butchered and tortured them to death. Belt knife or neck knife may have been equally common. Pouch knife would be equivalent to our pocket knife.