Funny the neck knife concept has come up involving a puuko. The puuko sheath with its hanger is designed to keep the knife in the sheath even if the user isn’t upright. While not the strongest, and certainly not fast, it is a design with centuries of use and adaptation, and has survived to today.

Thinking back, I can’t remember a single picture or mention of neck style carry among the northerners.

It seems to have evolved from the American “patch knife” as opposed to a general purpose belt knife, in both function and location.

And despite living within spitting distance of the Bridger Valley, neck carry is a fail in my book. It’s too easy to ‘hang’ yourself in the timber.

Secondly, it’s an unnatural location for hands to move to and takes more time in an emergency. Combine that with the bouncing and swinging, it can be impossible to find sometimes. Been there, done that.

I’ve tried it, and just can’t get into neck carry of a knife. A compass and ferro rod, yes. And then stuck in a pocket. But the knife stays on the belt or pocket.

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