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Ah panic… I know it well. You get to the campground at 5pm and already people are trying to get space. But you have to be careful. You put up a tent in the wrong spot and suddenly there will be a whole lot of people crowding you. Loud noisy new neighbors is not conducive to a good nights sleep. Tent walls are thin and rapid fire language going on incessantly puts an edge on the situation. What to do? Move or stay and suffer.
You get to the airport and one bag is overweight. Nooooo. You have to throw stuff out . Bad timing your rental car return ran late and you’ve got 15 minutes to board and go thru security. Panic. Decide quick.
Fear. You’re on a tour in Central America and they take your group to the last stop, a gift shop. You notice as the final person comes in the guides lock and bar all the doors … For your safety..
Choices choices.