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as for apple being safe phone that’s a laugh they admit they hold the keys to backdoor… if they can brake into 1028 bit micro burst transmission your apple product is like opening a door with no lock. ANY back door will be used if you want to know why certain ethnic groups do so well against their competitor http://takimag.com/article/does_israel_have_a_backdoor_to_us_intelligence_steve_sailer/print#axzz44zMa5hht

use credibility filters on this source but have a few nuggets of truth


nothing is safe just more secure than others best is to hide in crowd
new black berry priv once you alter core software/small hard ware issue and dl some kick ass encryption available to only government sources makes it an ok you can probably hide for one-4 calls before tossing sim chip(hides in background app data streams)

law is now in effect i believe hidden in budget bill


apple is security theater just like if you believe google will notify you if being watched by government( you do know what google roots are?)

honestly they can make it up about you and who can deny a lie with official seal?
if darknet sock(ip change) and tor servers they still got guy from silk road (dread pirate roberts) but only one of his multi accounts which later FBI steals cash https://www.fbi.gov/sanfrancisco/press-releases/2015/former-federal-agents-charged-with-bitcoin-money-laundering-and-wire-fraud

then you have to wonder if it is all a lie https://www.rt.com/usa/337321-burner-phones-california-bill/ or just easier to hide in the herd?

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