Little update, its still a Glock.
The grenade texture does little to make the gun stay in place in the hand.
So a quicky texture job, not one of my best, it now stays firmly in place.

 photo 635D1610-EDA2-4C82-824C-12A51289B176_zpstzlqhkcx.jpg

So why the .40 and not the 9mm which is so popular again?
Not to start a caliber war, while I like the 9mm in certain circumstances (or guns), personal defense is one of those areas where the intangibles make all the difference to each shooter. And having shot a number of critters over the years, I just can’t bring myself to trust the cartridge fully. My luck just hasn’t been good.
Doesn’t mean it isn’t good, just means I just don’t trust it as much as others.

Unlike those who frequent the urban jungle, I’m more likely to run into a bear, mountain lion or wolf than some cholo. They are all right outside town, sometimes inside town.
Then there’s the deer, elk and moose walking down the street daily.
The 9mm just doesn’t have enough oomph in my experience.
Neither does the .40, but it does drive deeper with the ammo I’m using.
And having played “ring around the aspen tree” with an unhappy moose before, I want something that might crack a skull if needed.

It may not be a .45, but it’s good to go.
(can’t believe I put that in print)

Another reason, a Wyoming traffic jam.
 photo 02AA451C-4AAA-4407-B930-2AE9AA9DEA89_zpsj2glo42c.jpg

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