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With all the work you’re planning, just in case you aren’t already using (or haven’t really considered) synthetic lubes, you might want to add that to your list. The far longer life and increased mileage, reduced heat, along with far less metal wear, more than pay for the up-front cost. I was introduced to it back in 1978, when it was quite new, and have never looked back. A later mechanic friend swore by it for his racing engines. From the transmissions, to bearings, to rear ends, to engine oil, etc., that’s all I use or have used since then in all vehicles, as well as equipment (2-cycle oil at 100:1 in my chain saws, for example – yes, 100:1, even back in an old 16:1 Poulon that lasted 20+ years and only died for a non-lube-related problem).

After several years of use, I decided to get a lifetime dealership when the company briefly offered it for only $500 (no annual renewal thereafter). It’s more than paid for itself over the years. I briefly sold the stuff part time, but had pressing primary employment obligations, and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle for limited part time work, and wasn’t what I wanted to do full time (though some have done extremely well with it over the years). I just kept the lifetime dealership so I could get the products at dealer pricing. So, I have nothing to gain, am not interested in signing up new dealers or selling products – I just know the value of the products over the long term from strong personal experience, verified with my mechanics at a few interesting points along the way. I change oil in our vehicles every 25,000 miles (fully warranted), and tend to drive my vehicles at least 100,000 miles or more – never with any lubrication issues at all. Independent testing results more than satisfied me as to the value.

Since I’m technically (though not actively) a dealer, I prefer not to post the company name here to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest or secondary gain. If interested, PM me and I’ll provide the main company web site with no tracking info back to my dealer account so there’s no question. I’ll even help someone locate a dealer in their area if interested.

To me, synthetic lubes from a reputable company make good sense from a prepping standpoint – equipment lasts far longer (thus no problem with replacement lubes when supply lines may be poor, or necessarily even having to haul replacement lubes with you if leaving the area), and fuel economy is increased (not massively, but at least noticeably). Oh – and synthetic spray lube is FAR better than WD-40, over long years of experience in many situations. I just (finally!) freed a frozen lawnmower blade bolt so I could sharpen the blade, using the spray lube. Great and handy stuff to have around! (Also great for gun lube/protection.)