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I don’t know what’s going on with the board tonight, but this is at least the 4th time I’ve posted this. The first two times it never showed up at all. The third time, I did a modification of the URL for the link, wondering if somehow that was the problem, and it posted fine, but even the link was automatically modified when it showed up on the Forum. So, I modified just the link again, and the entire post disappeared with no listing in the “Recent Replies” section showing that it had ever been there in the first place. This is my last try. I’m also going to PM it to you. Please let me now you receive it if it only comes through in the PM.

Go to the link below, and select the 2nd view option (of nine) – it’s a red F-150 with an animated bed cover that shows it being folded and unfolded. Then you can look at the other individual views to see various features, including the little fold-down handles in the back section that pull down to unlatch the back 1/3 section. You then fold the back section up on top of the middle 1/3 section, the fold those two up on the front section under the rear window. The entire assembly then clips to the front of the entire cover with nylon straps and black plastic clips that allow you to securely drive with the cover open (don’t try to drive with only the back 1/3 section open – there’s no way to secure it). Folding back and forth to open/close it can be done by a fairly small adult with little strength.

The entire cover, once folded all the way forward, can be detached with the two wing nuts under the front section (shown in one of the nine views on the web site below). I doubt it would take over five minutes, and would likely be a one-man job to get it off. Alignment should be easy, since the hold-down assemblies for the front and back 1/3 sections would still be secured to the truck bed.

It’s very thick, and I doubt that even a standard hammer would open it easily. I suspect it would require that someone already had a pry bar to open it, and they’d likely have to have some knowledge of its construction to successfully break into it quickly and easily, so I’m reasonably satisfied with its security. It locks by virtue of locking the tailgate of your truck (assuming you’ve got a locking tailgate).

As previously stated, two days ago I made a 250 mile round trip, the first 40 miles of which were in a blinding rain with extremely high winds (one gust actually moved me over in my own lane and almost into the other). At the end of the first leg of the trip, I checked inside, and there was no more than perhaps 1/8 of a cup of water (if even that much) in the extreme rear corner of the truck bed, with the rest of the bed being completely dry. With virtually no leakage to worry about in those conditions, I’m extremely impressed (one of the nine views on the web site shows the quadruple gasket that goes all around the top of the bed from underneath the cover – quite effective, obviously).

I opted for this because of the security, instead of the heavy vinyl option (about half the cost), or the single-piece cover that only tilts up part way. I can put something inside this cover that sticks above the truck bed and still have 2/3 of the cover open and secure while traveling if necessary. Hope this helps. (Modify the link below as needed, replacing (DOT) with the required “.” in the URL, and any other modifications that seem necessary. The Forum software actually changed the way I typed it the one time it did show up on line. Sorry – no control over the Forum web site software.)