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Malgus, I’ve got an RT65 too, though I’m not using it these days on account there’s a handyman in the neighborhood that comes with his big tractor/rototiller and does it for me real cheap. My garden is 75’X170′ and so having him do it is a real time saver. I doubled my seed potato purchase for this year too. It’ll be another couple weeks before they’re delivered though, plus I have to wait for things to dry up enough to be rototilled.

My son has a tonneau cover for his Nissan Titan. It was pretty pricey if I recall. I think it is a hard plastic sort of material. He doesn’t have a leaking problem. There are times having one would have come in handy for my F150 but I find myself hauling stuff too often and the cover would be in the way. Besides, nobody is going to steal anything I leave in the bed if I go into town and leave my purchases there while I go into different stores.