Couple of customers a few years back wanted some basic firearms skills. We ended up having a number of learning experiences for all.
Well educated, successful, just tired.
We spoke at length on laws, bending and breaking the same, and more.

Not criminal, not hippy, nothing more than a couple dropping out.

Literally sold everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary when they were ready to vanish.

Their only concessions to modern life, they bought the land, kept a PO box, and a solar charged burner phone.

They came to town once a month, paid their bills once a year and we’re harmless.

After about a year, I got an invite to see their place. As we approached I kept my eyes well skinned, and am a fair tracker to be modest.
So when I say that I literally stuck a leg into one of their “doors”, without seeing it says something.

They had dug a series of interconnected “kivas” and replanted all the native grasses and plants on top.
The stone and concrete work was exemplary, right down to the plastic cistern, and yes plumbing.

She didn’t mind going native as long as certain amenities were available. Bath and shower if you can imagine.

Talking with certain people in the area, I found out that the local deer herd was in prime condition, unlike other local areas.
For example, there were no dry does to be found. And only prime bucks, well versed in hiding and avoiding humans.

For the longest time, all my “friend” had as his ‘meat gun’ was a .22Mag. Partially my fault, I had told of another off-the-grid gent I knew who used a .25-20 on everything.
Before we moved, he picked up a couple extra toys, mostly defense oriented.

They even had power, in a limited quantity, thanks to a water pump that fed a stock pond. By changing to a more efficient pump, the draw from the “house” didn’t show up on the bill.

You don’t have to be a ninja, just careful.