The original article tossed around words like “creepy” pretty freely. I don’t find it “creepy” at all. I find it extremely interesting. And whatever it is they’re up to? Not my business. If they just want to be left alone, then more power to them. The .gov uses terms like “public lands”, but in reality what they mean is “No, it ain’t yours”. If dude was living off-grid on “public lands”? Fine. If that term really means what it supposed to, then I give him my permission to use my “share” of “public lands” – being as I’m part of the “public”.

Dude has skills. Serious skills. Skills that I haven’t had at 100% for many years – that being things like moving through an area and leaving no trace. Camouflage. Woodcraft (no, not building cabinets and benches and such, but the real meaning: he’s a woodsman and his skills are top notch). He’s also a serious student of human nature, since you cannot pull all that off without knowing something about how humans think, act, react, etc. He’s trying to be (and succeeding at) being invisible – you can’t do that without knowing a little something about how the people you’re hiding from think and act…

He’s also clever. He left a hobo glyph. Why? Could be he’s thumbing his nose at the f*ckin’ Tree Cops and .gov in general. Could be classic misdirection – he left it there because that’s what he wants the Tree Cops to think. That he’s a hobo. A nobody. In fact, you kinda fell for it given your remarks.

But, anyone can find hobo glyphs. Watch this – I’ve never seen a hobo glyph in my life, but I betcha I can find a database on them in less than 30 seconds…

Here. Took me 10 seconds.


Speaking of which, when SHTF, it might pay dividends to be able to navigate the backways and lesser-traveled byways of America that are traveled by these folks. It’s old hat to them, but will be new and scary to us uninitiated… if they can get away with not being seen, then anyone can.

Don’t think of this as some creep moping around in the weeds – look at it as that dude has a very specific – and useful – set of skills. Skills that might just save your backside one day, if you can master them… learn from it.

Print these out, acetate them and keep them for “just in case”…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1