What I did this week:

I purchased a tiller – a Cub Cadet RT65 – and expanded the size of our potato plot by about 300%. Which was kind of a big deal, given the original plot size and the fact that that ground hasn’t been tilled in… ? Decades maybe. I ran over the whole thing – end to end – at least 3 times.

Also went down to the county extension. One of the few things hardly anyone knows about is that every year, you can get as many trees – saplings – as you want, whatever kind you want. They’re not “free” – since our taxes pay for the trees – but you put your name on the list, what kind of trees you want, how many, etc, and they give you a call when they come on. I scored 18 White Oaks and a whole slew of Bald Cypress.

White Oaks because I love that tree. Also because deer love White Oak acorns – hoping to plant a half a dozen or so in our lower field in hopes of attracting them come hunting season. The others will be planted as a future windbreak for the house. Hopefully, I just might live to see those oaks get big enough to do their job.. :)

I got the Bald Cypress because they love water and our pond has a great deal of runoff – instead of building some big, involved construction to minimize the erosion, I’m going the other way – plant some Bald Cypress to hold the soil, provide shade, etc…

Next up – mucking the horse poo out of the barn, scattering it – and fertilizer, some good soils and also compost – on the potato plot and till it all together. Hopefully, will plant our now-yearly run of Yukon Gold potatoes by mid month…

Oh, last week I got the pruning done on the fruit and nut trees. Lost two walnuts I’ve been trying to save. They’re gone. But the almonds are kicking butt, the apples are finally putting up flowers (meaning: this year they will finally provide us some fruit) and well, everyone else is still sleeping off the winter… give them time, they’ll wake up sooner or later..

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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