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FINALLY had a cover put on my pickup this week (the fold back, easily-removable variety). It’s solid, so a knife can’t just slice through it (not impressed with the heavy vinyl ones), and with the tailgate locked, it’s quite secure. Sure, anything can be gotten into, but it would take some work to get into this, and it would be highly visible if someone was trying. Nothing’s perfectly secure, but this is a pretty decent alternative. Finally I can carry passengers AND have a decent emergency/BO kit in the back at all times without sacrificing passenger leg room or seating space.

Now it’s time to build out that kit a bit more fully than what I’ve currently got. Toby’s article a couple of weeks ago will help. We had torrential rains yesterday, and I had to drive through some of the worst of it. At my destination, it wasn’t raining, so I popped down the tailgate and looked in – NO water anywhere except a tiny amount (not even 1/8 cup) in the very back corner – and nothing to even be the least bit concerned about, particularly with what beat against that new top and with the wind that was swirling around as I drove (one gust started to move me over into the next lane). Now I’ve got a great, relatively secure space for a variety of needs wherever I go.