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The bureaucrats clearly do not understand rural poverty. The tiny houses are not widespread yet but the type of travel trailers they are talking about are everywhere. I haven’t seen them used as permanent dwellings around here but I can see how they can make for very cheap housing for low income people in rural areas. In some cases they’d be a step up from some of the 1960’s/1970’s mobile homes I see locally or other places that are on their way towards being uninhabitable in the not so distant future. Rural poor people generally do not have Section 8 housing available to them nor are there other forms of govt. funded affordable housing such as you see in urban/suburban areas. The only housing they have is that which they can pay for themselves, and sometimes its a 40 or 50 year old mobile home they paid $3,000 for. My town doesn’t have a health inspector, building inspector, fire inspector, or any other kind of inspector. If we did some of these places would likely be deemed uninhabitable, and if so some of these folks wouldn’t have anywhere else to go. As I said, these tiny houses and travel trailers could be a step up for some in rural areas.