You’d be surprised. Even here in peaceful, middle-of-nowhere Kentucky, there’s a criminal element. Many people are hooked on pills – opiates – and meth too. Their addiction drives them to do things normal people would not do. We had two saddles stolen out of our barn. Our neighbor, a fairly wealthy man, came home in the middle of the day to find two guys he didn’t know loading their truck up with his tools. My neighbor is a big guy. Well over 6 feet and works construction. I call him “Hercules” to tease him. He looked at those two guys and said, real quietly, that he was going inside and that they better be gone when he got back – and make sure to leave all the tools. My neighbor doesn’t yell. He doesn’t need to. They were long gone when he came out, the tools neatly lined up.

Our area, we have no police force. No town council. No nothing. Well, we have a Sheriff’s Office and a couple deputies and a volunteer fire department, but that’s it. It’s an unincorporated area. We don’t even have a traffic light. You have trouble and you dial 9-1-1 and it might be 30 minutes before someone arrives. So, we tend to call our favorite shotguns “Redneck 9-1-1″. Nobody is gonna help you but you.

The pill heads and meth heads will do anything – anything – to get another hit. Even steal the gold fillings out of their mamma’s teeth. We have a dog, and when I hear him start barking, I go to the door with a shotgun to check out what the problem is… once you do that a few times, people know you are armed and word gets around. They will leave you alone…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1