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Retired Command Sgt Maj Page boasts that he could (and did) kill whomever he was told to kill, military or civilian, including however many bystanders got in the way, without question, hesitation, or second thought. He persuades me that completely irrespective of justification, or lack thereof, the military, and its “contractors” will not hesitate to do the same domestically, and that clued-in commanders are already anticipating orders to begin.

Here’s another “interesting watch,” explaining what will likely bring it about, although there are other entire resentful nations hoping to get the contract for themselves. We, as “taxpayers” are not only on the hook for the “debt,” but have already been roundly blamed for having caused all the economic problems in the world, and named as the pretext for all the bad stuff “our” fedgov has done abroad for the banksters.

(hat tip: Richard Celata)

Cry, "Treason!"