“Did you notice some organizing between people who are looting, and did other folks try to organize against them or simply it was too short period for real organizing on booth sides?
How many “normal” people did loot?”

Hi Selco,

All I know is that when someone attempted to break in Robinson’s Place Tacloban, the police on guard, warned with a shoot but since people could no longer be controlled, they allowed to let them get whatever they want ONLY inside the supermarket. Not the entire mall. But of course, people became too greedy at that time. Instead of just grabbing the basic necessities, they went all the way to the nearby establishments up to the second floor where the electronics and jewelries are.

The looting started in the evening of November 8, 2013. But I was able to talk to a friend who shared how it was when she went there together with the rest of her siblings. They went there 2 days after yet they were still plenty to grab. However, another friend of mine who went there on the 3rd day already told me that everything with value was already taken. It was too late for him.

As of now, Robinson’s Place Tacloban is still under renovation. Only the first floor is open to the public. Hearsay is that the grand reopening will be in April. Several guards surround the mall all the time.