NICE one Sloth!!

I forgot about the fish-hook thing… the moonshiners and pot-growers around here do that to keep trespassers (and cops) off their property and out of their grow site. Can’t believe I forgot that… good catch, bro.

I wasn’t going to get into stuff like the double-blind, where you set up or leave cover on purpose so that the Bad Guys will use it, not realizing that you already pre-placed something like a fougasse or a cratering charge. That’s sort of advanced stuff…

Still, it is sort of a fun exercise to look at a piece of ground and say “Now, if I were a bad guy, where would I seek cover if I had to?” and then figure out where you would put your charges… really mess with them that way. :) Next time, they’re like “Crap… if I take cover behind that tree/log/whatever, will I get blown up or set on fire?” I think a good way of striking fear into the hearts of bad guys is using the old British flame fougasse… bad guys might not be afraid of dying, but everyone is afraid of being burned alive…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1