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I floated a trial balloon about buying more land but got shot down. It’s an 11 acre parcel across the road starting maybe a couple hundred feet from my southern boundary. It is not a quality parcel at all but that is reflected in the price. Maybe 4 acres is a hay field and the rest is a river & wetlands on both sides of the river. In colonial times there was a water powered mill constructed of stone on the south end of that parcel. It was torn down in the early 1970’s before historic preservation became all the rage. As it stands now you could put one home on highest/driest part of the property is all with the price being asked being more or less the same as it would be if only the best 2 acres of it were being sold off as a house site. The way property taxes work here is most of the value is assigned to the 1st two acres and then the remaining acreage drops off rapidly on a per acre basis. Being it would be deemed contiguous to my existing property the additional property taxes would be negligible as it would be treated entirely as excess acreage at a very low value, my existing property already having the assigned 2 acre house site. Anyway, my wife said no way, and then thinking he’d be on my side I pitched it to my son who was visiting this weekend and he said not a good idea either. The land’s been for sale for a couple years so its not likely it’ll sell anytime soon so a maybe another day.