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Malgus, thanks x2. I was unaware of the Lexington site, and can see multiple possibilities there – appreciate that very much. Interestingly, that site also gave me a great idea for reconfiguring our rainwater collection/storage system (blue 55 gal drums). Instead of the concrete blocks we’ve currently got them on which puts them about a foot above the ground, the photo of a similar 4-barrel system on that web site, using 4×4 posts to elevate the barrels even further seems well suited for what we’ve got. I can use all the concrete blocks to replace cedar boards that currently make up at least one of our 16 square foot garden boxes (we have several, of course). Those will be much more permanent than the cedar boards (even though those are doing well after at least two years (or three? Can’t remember for sure.). Anyway, in addition to multiple potential products there, it gave me a great idea for upgrading our current system so we can get much better gravity feed of water over to the lower tier gardens just a few feet away. Gonna put in a drip irrigation system this year to maximize water effectiveness while minimizing use.

Second, we just got our first Life Straw a couple of months ago, and thought we were quite well prepared (or at least a start) for small amounts of water under the most adverse conditions. We haven’t used it yet, but once we did, we planned on getting more. I’ve completely re-thought that, having been unaware of the Sawyer brand until your post. 264 gallons vs 100,000 gallons?!? No brainer! And they’re about the same price each on Amazon. I’d love to have something that would also filter out chemicals, but realize that’s just not going to be feasible with a small, portable filter like either the Sawyer or the Life Straw, so we’ll at least go with keeping out all the “bugs” from the water, and seek out the least-likely chemical-contaminated water we can get if in an emergency situation. Hopefully, our home made Black Berkey filter will be something we can keep with us, which will take care of it ALL. But these are great for the BOB when space and weight are at a premium. Just curious – what kind of local store did you find them in? I’ve never seen them before.

Thanks much for both!