Was in town earlier today and picked up a good addition for the Dry Boxes…

2 Sawyer Mini water filters. These little guys will filter 100,000 gallons of water – each.

The filter itself comes with a plastic pouch for water (flat and empty), a straw, what looks to be the biggest syringe in the world and the filter itself.

I won’t get into the “How to use this thing” because everyone here is capable of reading directions – just know that you can either use it in a manner similar to a Lifestraw, or you can screw it to the top of an empty plastic soda bottle (available just about anywhere on Earth), or you can use it in line with a hydropack like Camelback… and, of course, with the provided plastic baggie.

It’s tiny, doesn’t require any new filters and according to the directions, will filter 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoa. I chose it over the Lifestraw for two reasons – 1. this is way smaller and lighter and 2. the Lifestraw will last a couple hundred gallons, max. This will last for 100,000. However, I would do everything possible to filter out as much crud as I could before using this thing… just don’t scoop up some pond water and start sucking away… I mean, you could do that, but man… I’d have to be in a bad way to do that.

Better to filter as best you could beforehand, even if only to improve the taste…

Cool stuff. Onwards!

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