If you don’t have them already, light weight (cheap) trash bags make great emergency rain gear. The cheap ones can be folded and compressed into a fairly small size. The heavy duty contractor bags are much more durable, of course more weight and size come with the extra strength.

All my 50 cal cans are over 25 years old so I am not worried. Interesting about China making the new ones, I will have to check next time I see them. One thing people can check for all types of military cans are the local scrap and salvage places. We have one in our area which sells various types of cans at more reasonable prices. Thanks for the tip on the silicone for the seals, I’ll have to check mine. Another good box are the aluminum ones only if they have a seal. Most of these were used for medical use and by being aluminum won’t rust.

@ 74,

Thanks for the tip – me and trash bags go way back.

One of the things we learned to do – by copying others – was to wander over to the mess tent and filch a couple big black contractor trash bags. See, nature has a way of screwing you – mostly when you ain’t lookin’…

We did a night jump and eventually got around to setting up our digs for the night. Had a GP Med. tent, so we set to putting that up and then hauling all our gear into it. During the night, it decided to rain… of course, us being exhausted, we didn’t hear a thing…

In the morning, we woke up to a stream running through the center of our tent. And my sleeping bag was thoroughly soaked.

Solution: trench around the tent, then find the mess tent and steal trash bags. Once your fart sack is dried out, the last thing you do before going to sleep is wiggle a trash bag over the end of your sleeping bag, up as high as it will go. Waterproofing, man… much as I love nature and gurgling streams, I’m not a fan of having one running through my living room. :) It would be a small thing to cut three holes in one to use as rain gear…

@ Real

Never came across the aluminum ones – guess that’s too high speed for an old crab like me.

Will look to see if I can locate any. Peace.


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