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I do think if Trump gets elected , he will be able to steer us back in the right direction .

Trump is a wild card. We don’t really have a clue what he’ll do. He’s the man that put Hillary and Chelsea in the front row at his most recent wedding, in the place his parents would have sat if they had been alive. He’s the guy that thinks eminent domain is one of the greatest things since sliced bread. He’s the guy that is on video tape saying an unequivocal “No” to the questions of whether he was opposed to EITHER “a woman’s right to choose” or partial birth abortion specifically. How does one suddenly change his or her moral values or even basic sensibilities from favoring brutal destruction of a viable baby’s brain while only PART way out of the birth canal, to suddenly opposing that barbaric practice? I found the attachment (be sure to click it to make it full size) to be very thought provoking as I considered The Donald’s own favored strategies from his own book (The Art of the Deal), and compared those to virtually every campaign speech or debate performance he’s given.

Better than Billary or Bernie? Perhaps, but in what way(s)? And how do you really know? Back to the top: he’s a wild card, and we have no idea what we’ll really get besides a guy that can’t keep multiple marriages together, is willing to walk all over anybody for the sake of money and power, and who’s on record as changing his policies on almost anything throughout his career – so long as it will benefit him.

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