These are small(ish) “Dry boxes” that are air and water tight and latch tightly shut. They’re not complicated – dull green color with lashing points where paracord can be tied off – about the size of a loaf of bread.

Malgus, I’d like to know where I can get some of those boxes.

Erm.. hang on. I think I got that place’s website saved off somewhere. It’s about an hour away from us, so I usually just stop by when I’m in Lexington (it’s south of Lexington a few miles, but I remember them saying something about most of their business is mail order…)…

Here’s their website: http://www.lexingtoncontainercompany.com/index.html

I’ll include a picture of the dry box. Remember, I have not submerged this box to test how “waterproof” it is… But, it is a nice box, sturdy, has three latches and attachment points… don’t recall price, but it was around 10-15 bucks per box. I think.

Apparently, more than one size is made – it is called the “Survivor” Dry Box, but I don’t think the place in Lexington carries the smaller ones – just the larger ones.


Edit – other places carry them as well, though I do not recall seeing them. Cheaper Than Dirt. Midway. Etc… They also come in blaze orange…

[attachment file=”Survivor Dry Box.jpg”]

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