Malgus, how large is that box?

Wet & warm is usually manageable. Cold is manageable to a point if you are dressed for it. Cold & wet can kill you faster than most realize. As hypothermia sets in your ability to think clearly is compromised, plus of course you lose dexterity and muscle control. Keeping your feet and hands dry in the cold is the most important thing.

Let me go measure it…

Okay, it’s 9L x 6W x 5T – about the size of a smallish loaf of bread. It has some hokey compass inset in the top, but I don’t trust it so I put a Cammenga button compass inside. It’s gasketed, so it’s pretty sealed off from the elements (though in fairness, I did not submerge it to test that).

Ever since Suunto quit making good button compasses (compii?), there has been a paucity of good ones on the market. Cammenga came out with a line of tritium-lighted tiny compasses recently, and they make good stuff.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1