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Hey for a great small case which is water proof I you can never go wrong with a 30 or 50 caliber ammo can. They are easy stack, have a handle and are water tight. I have a bunch of them and are invaluable. I even saw them being sold at Costco over the weekend. However I bought mine for $2.50 and they have since gone up in cost probably because everyone it thinking the same thing. When it comes to holding ammo I like them because you can not put too much in them saving your back.

Prepped the garden boxes this week. We have about 600 square feed to boxes and will be putting in another another 400 feet. These are all lined with aviary cloth which is a welded metal to keep out the gophers.

Since it is dry if this lasts much longer I will be turning over the field to start preparing it. My plan is to have about 1 and 1/2 acre of really good land prepped just in case. I have access to wood chips and other nice organic material. I will be plowing this material in and then rototilling it later on to mix things up. I will be covering it with new material each year and hopefully this will result in some great planting soil.

Been doing a bunch of reloading and bought a new single stage press for my rifle brass loading. This will allow me to have two side by side set up with sizeing and seating dies for one caliber.