Finishing up with emergency supplies for our vehicles.

These are small(ish) “Dry boxes” that are air and water tight and latch tightly shut. They’re not complicated – dull green color with lashing points where paracord can be tied off – about the size of a loaf of bread.


2 each small stainless snap links.
50 feet green 550 cord (“paracord”)
1 Cammenga button compass.
5 “wetfire” tinder packets.
2 Sticks “fatwood”.
1 Bic lighter, small.
1 small bottle water purification tabs (good for 25 quarts).
1 Leatherman, plus case.
1 Buck 110 folding knife, plus case.
1 Fällkniven DC3 sharpener.
2 Emergency flares, red.
25 feet grey duct tape.
5 feet photo-luminescent tape (glow in dark tape).
1 Battery operated strobe-light. (D cell batts)
1 Small pencil.
1 Write-in-the-rain pad.
1 Mini Maglite LED Pro. (AA size batts)
1 Maglite Solitaire. (AAA size batts)
1 Lifeboat Matches, British – NATO Stock No. 9920-99-966-9432 (25 ea)
1 Yellow Otter Micro dry box.
1 Box UCO weatherproof matches – 25 ea.
6 AA Duracell batteries.
2 AAA Duracell batteries.
1 D Cell Duracell battery.

Each box has identical contents. They’re not “finished” 100% yet – will probably add some odds and ends before I’m happy. Maybe $100 in small bills, rolled up. Pack of smokes. Street maps covered in acetate. Things like that. But these little boxes are almost crammed full – surprising how much you can cram into them if you buy and pack carefully.

They’ll be part of the Get Out of Dodge stuff in each vehicle – the GOOD gear is kept in a beat-to-sh*t used German Gebirgsjaeger rucksack… they’re serviceable, just really worn and a dull grey-green color. Along with the contents of the dry boxes, each vehicle carries a military surplus 100% wool blanket, water, some food (iron rations or lifeboat rations rotated every 6 to 8 months or so), small 1st aid kit, box of spare ammo, etc…

Been thinking about putting a change of clothing in each vehicle – the rattiest, most beat-down clothing we have. Not “unserviceable”, but worn, with old jackets that maybe have stains and holes in them… for camouflage. And if you have to hump some miles, it’s better to have the proper footgear (suitably dirtied-up and “aged” to match the rest of your clothing…). If our clothing does not look suitably crappy, I’ll take a sander to them, then chuck them out in the fields for a few weeks – let them get sun-bleached and rained on…

My thinking – Bright colors, new clothes and name brand hiking gear will attract attention – the wrong kind.

But, if you have time – swap out your clothes for ratty worn stuff, rub dirt on your face and hands, toss a run-down old rucksack on your shoulder and nobody could tell you from your average street bum… Inside the ruck everything is clean as a new clock, but nobody has to know that…. and your EDC will probably include at least a handgun and spare ammo, so anyone wanting to accost “that homeless person” might be in for a rude surprise…

Will post pics if anyone is interested…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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