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I agree Wyoming has many advantages. It will fare better than most States. Here in VT, we can feed our own but we could not do that and also take care of a mass influx of Metro NYC refugees. WY has 563,000 people and VT only 626,000 but WY is vastly larger and more remote than VT. It wouldn’t take a very large share of the 25 million (or more) BoWash folks within a tank of gas to overwhelm VT. This is why we really need to think in terms of closing borders. There are probably only 8 paved roads from MA into VT and maybe 12 from NY into VT, so very easily done but anyone who tried to get such a plan in place now would be deemed a lunatic. I don’t live in a border town and so all of that will be totally outside my sphere but knowing how to isolate my little valley is something I can contemplate. When is the larger question. Doing so too soon is problematic. Doing so too late is problematic. But the devil is always in the details. Folks are going to want family & friends let in, and I agree on that. I’d give anything for my kids to make it here. Out of state property owners have a valid claim too. Local folks figuring such out on the fly will only result in each of those 20 entry points having a different set of rules. There are no easy answers and there will be much heartache that could have been avoided if only such things could be discussed as basic civil defense now.

Whirli, I have no doubt but that Vermonters are not in the same league as folks in Wyoming when it comes to guns but most households here are armed whereas most in BoWash are not. That does give some leverage. Another positive is that 2nd home owners in VT and just regular vacationers who will automatically think of VT as where to escape to are an upscale crowd. The urban gang bangers probably couldn’t find VT on a map even if they could read. And they are the ones who are terrified of the dark and of wild animals.